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Accounting and Manufacturing Software Training

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Software Generation has a full, flexible program for training new Sage Pro and ALERE customers on the setup and use of the accounting and manufacturing software. Our goal is to ensure you get bottom-line results from your system as quickly as possible with this thorough training program.

Software Generation pioneered low-cost lecture style training for large groups, then shifted to inexpensive and even free internet training and now brings you free video training on your schedule.  We offer hands-on training but it can be very expensive if all employees, managers and staff are trained together or individually either on-site or off-site.

While we adhere to the concept of “training the trainer”, we supplement the training with video's available to all employees on their schedule.  In turn, these trained individuals can lead the remainder of the employees who need to along the path to understanding how to use the software, focused on their required tasks.

Training options include:

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