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 Support Aggrement

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We want to keep your Sage Pro, formerly known as ACCPAC Pro and SBT Pro software running as long as you want to keep it running.  Some of the projects to sustain Sage Pro include our testing Windows 8 versions and new version of Windows Server and SQL.  We are now testing on evaluation versions of Microsoft Windows 10.  Windows 10 project page.  Our support aggreement is designed to add value to your Sage Pro Software and keep it running.

Sage Pro Support Agreement and Sustainability Services Description - PDF

Support Agreement PDF

 The plan is reasonably priced and the discounted rate can easily cover the cost of the entire program if you use only 8 hours of services a month.

   Some of the features include:

  Limited telephone & remote support for basic issues and questions.

  Discounted hourly rate for all other services ($25.00 OFF).

  Access to future development to keep you Sage Pro Software Running - future proofing Sage Pro

   Access to our Sage Pro enhancements library of developed programs and patches.

  Access to our online training and “how to” videos.

  Access to support documents library.

  Guaranteed 4 hour response time to your support inquiries (M-F 9:30AM to 5:30PM Eastern).

  Priority support over other clients without a Software Assurance agreement.  Calls will be handled on a first come, first served basis, with special consideration to mission-critical issues.

  Discounted access to basic hardware or network support on Sage Pro on supported operating systems.

Read about how we can keep you Sage Pro running  with access to support for Virtualization Services at our discounted rates (excludes conversion or installation).

  Access to priority toll-free telephone support line

  No remote access charges for use of web connection services.

  Annual remote system review and report to ensure your system is operating correctly and to review any issues with the system including performance, errors and anomalies (requires remote access).


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