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Feel free to request a special class.  We will announce it in the newsletter and make it available on line as soon as we can.    Just check the box of the class you want scheduled or make a special request.   If the class has a date by it just check the box to register for that class.

Classes marked online or video have recordings available in our video library accessible by clicking here

  • All classes will use Sage Pro ERP 7.7 but we will discuss earlier versions
  • There is no charge for these classes.
  • You may request a class below or fax the information to 817-858-0223. Registration is not required but if you are registered and there are technical or other issues we will notify you.
  • These are on line lecture style classes.
  • Class changes and issue will be posted here.
  • The meeting identifier will be posted on our home page the day of the meeting.
  • Log in instructions are here
Pro Accounts Receivable operations. 1:00 - 2:00  
 Bank Reconciliation Video  
Manufacturing Introduction – set up option and the Bill of material. Video  
Free-Key Friday –  Closing and Archiving. 1:00 - 2:00  
Manufacturing Work Orders.  Work order & changing configuration.  1:00 - 2:00  
Free-Key Friday – setting up users and copying settings.  1:00 - 2:00  
Pro General Ledger Operations Video  
Pro Inventory Control - Installation and set up Video
Pro Inventory Control - Operation and maintenance Video
Pro Order Entry (sales orders) operations Video  
Pro Purchase Orders operations Video  
Pro Accounts Receivable Setup Video  
Pro Accounts Receivable operations Video  
Pro Accounts Payable Setup Video  
Pro Accounts Payable operations Video  
  What are datadrillers? Where are my Data Drillers? How do they work? Creating simple customer data driller. Changing fields on data drillers. Video  
Data Driller report writer.> Creating reports from data drillers. Using data filter to get specific data. Video  
Pro Technical - Advanced datadriller, Pro-Alert, Message Master setup (fax and E-mail), User Licenses, Workstation Install, modifying reports and forms. Video  

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