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Sage Pro Utilities and Enhancements

Utilities and enhancements are only available while you are on a support agreement and expire when the agreement ends.

Description Time to install Available
Clear user - this utilities allows a user to log in and clear themselves, record locks and other flags after failing to log off of a Sage Pro succession successfully, disconnecting or crashing.  They can override the log in and only clear their own locks.   They do not have access to system manager. 1.0 hour Now
Clear ICILOC.   On older version of Sage Pro there would be occasional locks from physical inventory counts that did not clear.  This utility clears those locks. .5.0 hours December 2014
Visual Order Picking Priority System.  This was written to allow a warehouse to see all their orders on a large screen TV and assign, pick and track issues with complete visibility. Document delays and request for manager/expediter intervention.   Some screen and data changes to assign rules. 4.0 hours Now
Purchase Request and Order management.  Allowed a company to submit request for Purchase Order as bids and then easily convert the bids to purchase order.   Designed for a company with a large number of purchase request. 4.0 hours Now
Message Master SMTP version.   This utility allows message master to work with SMTP instead of using the MAPI outlook or email client.  Since every SMTP email service is different, this requires some set up time. 5.0 hours Need another testing site.
Popup Outlook reminder.   Allows you to pop up a screen in Sage Pro, scrape some data form the screen depending on context and push the information to Outlook for reminders. 0.5 hours Now
GL Account changer (licensed).   This allows you to change your GL account structure, move and combine GL accounts.   Great for cleaning up you chart of accounts. .5 Now
EFT AP stub enhancement.   This creates an email check stub to compliment payment made through EFT. 1.0 Now
Payroll Rapid Entry.  Allow the importation of payroll entries from spreadsheets into Sage Pro Payroll 1.0 Now
Recalculate histroy for Version of Pro prior to 7.3 where Sage included it. 1.0 Now
ProMail mailing and faxing program.  A substitute for the defunct PDF blaster utility and a simpler replacement for Message Master.  This utility allows you to do basic email or fax operations from Pro Series. $ 100.00 per user charge for a royalty add on. 2.0 Now





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